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22 July 2009 @ 03:22 am
It was wrong, she wanted it, I wanted it, it was right. Our lips were touching and my hand was on her back. She arched her back and our lips moved together. I pulled her against me and wanted to fuck her, I couldn't think about anything else, she against me, I wanted to tear off her clothing and fuck her. She was grabbing my ass and pulling me against her, rubbing herself against my erection. A quick deep groan escaped me and I bit her lip, hard. I felt everything I bit her lip harder. She pulled herself closer. I thrust into her our clothes between us then I let go of her lip and kissed her neck. Across my back her fingers were slow and sharp, she was trying to pull through me. Her mouth was so soft and warm. I dipped her gently back and we both lay on the ground together. I took off my shirt. She pulled her jeans off her waist and my hand was there inside her panties. I slowly moved across her skin, feeling her folds and the delicate wetness, I couldn't resist. I slipped my middle finger inside her warmth, gently massaging her amazing texture. Her hands were in my hair and her legs stretched out, thighs gripping my hand, jeans still around her knees. I couldn't resist her.

A minute before the air was so thick that sound took seconds to travel between us. We were both staring at each other trying to hear if something was going to happen. For a week now we had been touching, massages, hands brushing against each other, now we were standing in the lodge and no one was anywhere near us. There was no reason to stay unless we both wanted to stay together. We were standing so close and the air was so thick the floor was invisible. When I put my hand against her back the air got thin all of a sudden and my girlfriend and her boyfriend were nowhere near and so we came together and kissed. It was still afternoon and the room was dusty and warm. I couldn't hear anything but her breath and mine.

"We should go to the kitchen," I said, that door locked. She nodded and kept kissing me. Soon I had to put my hand back between her legs. Her thighs opened and closed around my hand smoothly and she kissed me deeper and I had two fingers in her now, riding the motions of her hips. She panted, her mouth open, and I couldn't take it anymore, I was taking off her jeans and unbuttoning mine. No-one was anywhere near. "Do you--"

"I do," she said, and rolled over to her purse. Her ass was amazing. My penis twitched and I reached out and stroked her. She arched into my touch, then rolled around to face me.

"I can put it on."

"Fuck me."

It took so little time and then our mouths were against each other again. Her hand was guiding me into her. With a little thrust my tip slid in, she gasped and her hand went up, she was perfect warm and right. I kissed her and kissed her and slid a little more in, then out, then in, her a slick miracle. Then her back arched and I thrust all the way inside her, pulled her against me, losing myself now in her, falling and pulling, my hand stroking her breast under her shirt, we both were sweating, her hair was between us, and then she came and I came too.

After I wanted to rip all her clothing away and just hold her on a bed but I didn't. A little after I pulled out we both put our clothes on and stood up. I put the condom in the trash can outside. We didn't kiss but I still wanted her and she still wanted me.

"Call me."

"I will."